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Legacy of LAW strives to address the lack of water safety knowledge in urban, Black communities via education and providing free lessons. We hope to build a love for swimming that cannot not only be used for athletic advancement, but also for mental and physical wellness, and therapeutic coping skills.

Learn the History

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Bob Adelman

“Black people don’t swim!” Have you ever wondered WHY this stereotype exists?

From the United States to the Caribbean, people of African descent were not permitted to swim in the same pools as White people and lacked access to pools in their own communities.

Here in Kansas City, MO, when Swope Park Pool opened in 1941, it was the nicest pool in town, but it was a pool for White swimmers only!

Black people were told to use the swimming pool at Paseo Park, the area of the present day Gregg E. Klice Community Center at 17th and Vine.  Read more …

Learn the way
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Our goal is to increase water safety awareness and reduce the number of water related deaths in the Black community through swimming lessons. Every single day, almost 10 people die from accidental drownings. That’s 3,500 deaths per year from just water related incidents! Did you know that Black children die at a rate of 5.5 times that of our White peers? We hope to provide resources that give Black children a stepping stone to swim at collegiate and competitive levels, eventually introducing snorkel and Scuba as recreational or career opportunities.

Proceeds from goods purchased from our site are reinvested to grow our organization.

Our Lessons

Youth Lessons

Ages 8m-17 years

Designed to make swimming educational and entertaining, our teaching methods are focused on motivating your children to perform at their best.

Adult Lessons

Ages 18 and up

Many Black adults do not swim and it’s actually a bit of a generational curse.  Until the late 60’s and 70’s, it was either unsafe or unrealistic for Black people to swim.  Break the cycle today!

Private & Semi-Private

If you feel that you or your child(ren) would be better served from more individual instruction, our private lessons are just for you.  Class size is 2-adults or 3-children.

Skill Refresher

This is best used for students needing to pass a swim test, Girl/Boy Scout badge or prepare for a vacation near the water.  Best for those who already have swimming ability.

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